Sunday, February 3, 2013

Consternation Over Ability to Copy and Paste

Over at IPWatchdog, Gene Quinn has responded to what he perceives as rampant copyright infringement by his audience "made up of lawyers, lobbyists, inventors, Staffers, artists" by adding some javascript that blocks copy and paste. Luckily I have Safari and Readability, so it doesn't affect me, but I am concerned for the many communities who depend on copy and paste in one way or another for access to information.

Here is the post, translated in its entirety, for use by those who find it easier to read Igpay Atinlay, than the usual jargon-filled legal mumbo-jumbo:

Iway amway easedplay otay announceway atthay inway Anuaryjay 2013 eway adhay ourway iggestbay onthmay everway inway ermstay ofway affictray otay IPWatchdogway.omcay. Uringday ethay astlay Arterquay ofway 2012 eway averagedway 89,260 uniqueway isitorsvay erpay onthmay. Inway Anuaryjay 2013 eway adhay 101,922 uniqueway isitorsvay, ichwhay epresentsray owthgray ofway 14.2%.

Eadersray avehay obablypray oticednay atthay eway areway ublishingpay oremay articlesway, andway eway areway uckylay otay ontinuecay otay avehay away owinggray umbernay ofway eriodicpay uestgay ontributorscay andway egularray eaturedfay olumnistscay asway ellway, ichwhay ikelylay accountsway orfay omesay ofway isthay increasedway affictray. Oweverhay, anotherway ingthay atthay almostway ertainlycay accountsway orfay isthay ubstantialsay umpjay inway isitorsvay isway ethay actfay atthay inway earlyway Anuaryjay 2013 eway ademay ethay ecisionday otay isableday opyingcay andway astingpay omfray IPWatchdogway.omcay. Isthay ashay ausedcay omesay otay ecomebay itequay agitatedway ithway usway, ithway oremay eoplepay anthay ouyay ightmay expectway itingwray otay elltay usway atthay ifway eythay areway onay ongerlay ableway otay opycay andway astepay ourway articlesway enthay eythay illway onay ongerlay eadray IPWatchdogway.omcay.

Osay ywhay ethay angechay?

1. Eefray Ontentcay andway ethay Advertiserway Upportedsay Odelmay

Orfay omesay imetay Iway avehay ownknay atthay eway avehay eenbay experiencingway atwhay eemedsay otay ebay away atherray argelay opyrightcay infringementway oblempray. Orfay exampleway, Iway owknay ofway eryvay argelay entitiesway atthay outinelyray ouldway opycay andway astepay ourway articlesway, emoveray inkslay andway anyway advertisementway andway enthay assmay istributeday ustjay ethay exttay ofway ourway articlesway. Isthay isway obviousway, atantblay andway illfulway opyrightcay infringementway. Utbay atwhay asway articularlypay ishearteningday asway atthay isthay asway oinggay onway ithinway ethay intellectualway opertypray ommunitycay. Isappointingday eallyray, ecausebay ifway osethay owhay areway inway ethay industryway andway orkingway ithway ontentcay eatorscray andway inventorsway onway away ailyday asisbay areway allway ootay illingway otay engageway inway atthay ypetay ofway opyrightcay infringementway, atwhay opehay oday eway avehay asway ontentcay eatorscray? Osethay osewhay ivelihoodslay ependday uponway ontentcay eatorscray andway inventorsway ouldshay ebay ethay onesway owhay ostmay understandway ethay amageday atthay isway ausedcay ybay idespreadway opyrightcay infringementway.

Iway avehay eardhay argumentsway omfray osethay ithinway ethay industryway atthay avehay ademay itway ifficultday otay etermineday etherwhay aughinglay orway yingcray isway ethay ightray esponseray. Orfay exampleway, Iway avehay eardhay ethay argumentway atthay Iway ouldshay ebay atefulgray atthay osay anymay eoplepay antway otay opycay andway istributeday ymay articlesway andway atteredflay atthay eoplepay antway otay eadray ourway itingswray.

Itway isway, ofway oursecay, atteringflay atthay erethay areway anymay owhay eadray atwhay eway itewray onway away equentfray asisbay; onay oubtday aboutway itway. Utbay, allowway emay otay atestay atwhay ouldshay otherwiseway ebay obviousway. Eway ivegay ourway articlesway awayway orfay eefray inway atwhay isway alledcay anway advertiserway upportedsay odelmay. Underway anway advertiserway upportedsay odelmay ontentcay isway ovidedpray orfay eefray andway advertisingway onway ethay itesay isway ethay ourcesay ofway evenueray. Anymay ewspapersnay andway onlineway agazinesmay employway isthay odelmay, andway atthay isway ethay odelmay eway employway atway IPWatchdogway.omcay. Eway avehay away eatgray oupgray ofway onsorsspay andway advertisersway andway ithoutway emthay Iway ouldcay otnay evoteday ullfay-imetay otay IPWatchdogway.omcay. Usthay, ourway eefray ontentcay, advertiserway upportedsay odelmay equiresray usway otay enticeway eadersray otay omecay otay ourway ebsiteway andway eadray ourway alityquay, eefray ontentcay atthay isway ullfay ofway analysisway andway insightway. Itway oesday usway absolutelyway onay oodgay enwhay erethay isway idespreadway isseminationday ofway exttay ithoutway advertisementsway. Atthay aymay ebay eferablepray otay ethay eaderray, utbay itway ouldway ebay anway impossibleway usinessbay odelmay otay upportsay ithoutway eingbay independentlyway ealthyway orway away enefactorbay atthay antedway otay underwriteway uchsay isseminationday.

Inway ermstay ofway onsorsspay andway advertisersway… Iway eallyray oday elievebay eway avehay away eatgray oupgray ofway olksfay. Eway areway approachedway omfray imetay otay imetay aboutway advertisingway andway eway eclineday, andway eway onglay agoway avegay upway onway Ooglegay Adsway atthay ightmay advertiseway ingsthay eway elievebay otay ebay inadequateway ervicessay (allshay eway aysay). Ifway ouyay avehay evernay ookedlay atway ethay ervicessay offeredway ybay ourway onsorsspay andway advertisersway, easeplay oday. Everythingway ourway onsorsspay andway advertisersway offerway ouldshay ebay attractiveway otay oneway orway anotherway egmentsay ofway ethay industryway andway eythay akemay itway ossiblepay orfay usway otay ontinuecay otay expandway andway ingbray ontentcay atthay isway othbay originalway andway uniqueway.

2. Uestgay Ontributorscay andway Eaturedfay Olumnistscay

Iway ontinuecay otay itewray anymay ofway ethay articlesway atthay areway ublishedpay onway IPWatchdogway.omcay, utbay overway imetay ymay itingwray endeavorsway avehay artedstay otay increasinglyway ocusfay onway interviewsway ithway industryway ewsnay-akersmay, itingwray aboutway industryway eventsway Iway attendway (uchsay asway ethay AIPLAWAY annualway eetingmay orway IOBAY annualway eetingmay, orfay exampleway) andway ethay eeminglysay endlessway equestsray orfay ommentscay onway ethay oposedpray  andway inalfay ulesray omulgatedpray ybay ethay Unitedway Atesstay Atentpay andway Ademarktray Officeway. Otnay otay entionmay, enwhay assmay ediamay atantlyblay ieslay aboutway ethay atentpay ystemsay Iway alsoway aketay upway atthay argechay. Isthay eaveslay ittlelay imetay otay itewray aboutway interestingway atentpay itigationslay, Ederalfay Ircuitcay ecisionsday andway ademarktray orway opyrightcay attersmay, otay amenay utbay away ewfay. Iway alsoway itewray aboutway iotechbay andway armaphay omfray away olicypay evellay, utbay Iway onday’tay avehay articularizedpay industryway owledgeknay aboutway ethay usinessbay orway eepday understandingsway aboutway ethay omplicatedcay iencescay involvedway. Usthay, Iway avehay urnedtay otay uestgay iterswray oremay andway oremay otay overcay esethay opicstay insteadway.

Atwhay isthay eansmay ostmay irectlyday isway atthay irstfay, Iway oday otnay itewray allway ofway ethay articleway ublishedpay onway IPWatchdogway.omcay, ichwhay ouyay ightmay inkthay isway elfsay evidentway incesay inway irtuallyvay allway asescay ethay icturepay andway iefbray iographicalbay informationway aboutway eachway authorway isway ominentlypray isplayedday atway ethay optay ofway eachway articleway. Andway econdsay, itway eansmay atthay anway importantway artpay ofway ymay ailyday objay ownay isway asway away uetray Editorway. Eway areway onstantlycay ookinglay orfay interestingway oriesstay, onstantlycay ishingday opictay ideasway otay oneway orway anotherway ofway ourway uestgay ontributorscay orway eelancefray ournalistsjay, orway ookinglay orfay ethay ightray ersonpay owhay aymay ebay ableway otay ontributecay. Enthay uponway ettinggay ontributionscay Iway ogay oughthray emthay asway anway Editorway ouldway.

Ethay ortshay ofway itway isway isthay — increasinglyway itway eemedsay anymay eoplepay inway ethay industryway ereway unawareway atthay IPWatchdogway.omcay ublishedpay uestgay ontributionscay espiteday ethay actfay atthay inway 2012 eway ublishedpay 148 uestgay ontributionscay andway eway avehay ublishedpay away otaltay ofway 375 uestgay ontributionscay otay ateday. Owhay ouldcay eoplepay owhay eadray articlesway ithway eatgray etailday andway antedway otay alktay otay emay aboutway ethay opictay ofway anway articleway Iway idnday’tay itewray otnay owknay Iway idnday’tay itewray ethay articleway enwhay ethay authorway isway osay ominentlypray isplayedday? Itway eemedsay earclay atthay ethay istributionday ofway exttay onlyway ievay eway-ailmay andway otherway ourcessay asway eatergray anthay Iway adhay understoodway itway otay ebay. Isthay obviouslyway isway otnay airfay otay osethay owhay uestgay ontributecay otay IPWatchdogway.omcay otay etgay eirthay amenay outway intoway ethay industryway. Oreovermay, asway equentfray eadersray owknay, Iway amway otnay adverseway otay ublishingpay ingsthay atthay Iway oday otnay agreeway ithway yselfmay. Eway areway evernay oinggay otay ublishpay antiway-IPWAY articlesway, utbay ignoringway atwhay osethay owhay avehay ifferentday opinionsway ithinway ourway industryway avehay otay aysay akesmay orfay anway uninterestingway echoway amberchay. Illstay, evenway oughthay away articularpay ositionpay isway ithinway anway envelopeway ofway ideasway eldhay ithinway ethay industryway Iway ouldway eferpray otay ebay udgedjay ybay atwhay Iway itewray, otnay atwhay omeonesay elseway otewray andway eway ecidedday otay ublishpay.

3. Ubiousday Argumentsway inway Avorfay ofway Opyingcay

Iway avehay eenbay ontactedcay ybay oremay anthay away ewfay eoplepay incesay ohibitingpray opyingcay andway astingpay. Osethay owhay aketay ethay imetay otay ontactcay emay invariablyway elltay emay atthay ifway eythay areway otnay oinggay otay ebay ableway otay opycay ethay exttay andway useway itway orfay ateverwhay urposepay eythay avehay onvincedcay emselvesthay isway appropriateway enthay eythay illway opstay eadingray IPWatchdogway.omcay. Atthay isway, ofway oursecay, eirthay ightray.  Ifway opyingcay exttay isway away erequisitepray otay eadingray eelyfray availableway, alityquay ontentcay enthay Iway amway orrysay otay eesay emthay ogay asway eadersray, utbay atthay isway eirthay oicechay otnay inemay. Itway eemssay atthay erethay isway oremay anthay eetsmay ethay eyeway, oweverhay.

Inway oneway asecay anway individualway oldtay emay atthay ehay asway opyingcay allway ofway ethay exttay omfray allway ofway ourway articlesway osay atthay ehay ouldcay earchsay orfay anway articleway aterlay. Atthay, oweverhay, isway unnecessaryway incesay IPWatchdogway.omcay ashay away atherray oodgay earchsay eaturefay. Iway owknay itway isway oodgay ecausebay Iway useway itway allway ethay imetay enwhay ookinglay orfay articlesway onway away articularpay opictay atthay Iway owknay Iway otewray eviouslypray.  Ivegay itway away ytray — Earchsay IPWatchdogway.omcay. Atthay eingbay ethay asecay, itway eemssay atthay ethay “Iway antway otay ebay ableway otay earchsay” argumentway isway eallyray away eciousspay argumentway atthay isway eingbay usedway otay ustifyjay omethingsay elseway.

Inway anotherway asecay Iway adhay anway attorneyway atway anway IPWAY irmfay elltay emay atthay ehay ikedlay oneway ofway ethay interviewsway Iway adhay oneday andway atthay otherway attorneysway atway ishay officeway ouldway urelysay antway otay eadray ethay interviewway, utbay ehay idnday’tay owknay atwhay otay oday incesay Iway isabledday opyingcay andway astingpay. Ehay asnway’tay amiliarfay ithway owhay ehay ouldway ebay ableway otay areshay ethay interviewway ithway emthay. Eallyray? Ymay uggestionsay asway otay endsay ishay ellowfay attorneysway away inklay. Iway owknay… Iway owknay… away eallyray adicalray ideaway andway ardlyhay obviousway. Iway ointedpay outway, oweverhay, atthay onceway allway ofway ethay egmentssay ofway ethay interviewway areway ublishedpay Iway alwaysway yperlinkhay emthay ogethertay. Ouyay implysay eadray otay ethay endway ofway ethay egmentsay andway ickclay “ONTINUECAY EADINGRAY.” Ouyay areway agicallymay akentay otay ethay extnay installmentway andway osay onway. Ethay amesay isway uetray enwhay Iway ublishpay anway articleway atthay isway ootay onglay orfay away inglesay egmentsay. Osay isthay articularpay eciousspay argumentway inway avorfay ofway opyingcay andway astingpay asway eallyray othingnay oremay anthay ayingsay: “eway antway otay eadray ouryay articlesway, utbay Iway antway otay opycay ethay exttay osay atthay Iway ancay eway-ailmay itway otay owhay Iway antway osay eythay ancay eadray itway ithoutway isitingvay ouryay itesay.” Asway entionedmay alreadyway, atthay oesnday’tay enefitbay emay andway itway oesnday’tay oday anythingway otay enefitbay ourway onsorsspay, advertisersway orway uestgay ontributorscay eitherway.


Itway isway itequay unfortunateway atthay inway anway industryway erewhay eway akemay away ivinglay orkingway orfay andway ithway ontentcay eatorscray ofway oneway indkay orway anotherway, anymay ofessionalspray ignoreway ethay ightsray ofway ontentcay eatorscray. Iway onday’tay ikelay atthay opycay otectionpray isway ecessarynay utbay Iway’may alsoway otnay oolishfay enoughway otay elievebay atthay ethay opycay otectionpray Iway’evay installedway isway oolprooffay.  Ifway omeonesay ithway omputercay illsskay antsway otay efeatday ethay opycay otectionpray eythay illway, utbay atthay oesnday’tay eanmay Iway ancay orway ouldshay akemay itway easyway orfay ourway ontentcay otay ebay isappropriatedmay.

Orfay osethay owhay illway ontinuecay otay eadray usway evenway ithway opycay andway astepay isabledday, eway eatlygray appreciateway ouyay akingtay away ortionpay ofway ouryay ayday otay eadray ourway oughtsthay andway analysisway.
Thanks to Timothy Lee for the heads-up.
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  1. Pretty easy in Chrome to block JavaScript on a specific site.

  2. It is possible to write a page which is only displayed if JavaScript is enabled and which won't allow the usual copy and paste. However there are numerous ways around this. One easy method would be to use MS OneNote to take a screen capture and use it's 'Copy text from picture' option.

    Spending time on JavaScript protection of images and text is very much a waste of time. If you don't want people to copy it - don't put it on Internet.