Sunday, June 2, 2013

Four Corners of the Sky: Chapters 39-41

This is installment 7 of my Big Library Reading diary, covering chapters  39-41, through the end of Part 2.

I had been reading Four Corners on my train commute into Manhattan for Book Expo America. But on Friday Overdrive pushed an iPad update that somehow left my Overdrive app in a half-updated state. So that slowed me down a bit. I need to get it in gear; I have only 5 days left on my checkout!

Maybe it's the influence of BEA, but there seemed to be a LOT of alcohol consumed in these 3 chapters. So I have a few things to say about that today.

Sgt. Dan Hart drinks ALMOND LIQUEUR????? Is that an alusion to a movie I didn't see? Because if Brad was drinking almond liqueur I would think nothing of it, but Dan Hart? What kind of love interest (I got that right, didn't I?) drinks almond liqueur? And after a bottle of Cuervo, too. Annie drinks pitchers of mojitos after saying she doesn't drink. Also, Brad's bottle of beer.

Speaking of mojitos, congratulations to the Evoke team, which won the Publishing Hackathon book discovery competion with their website that makes emotional connection of characters in books more salient. The mojitos at the afterparty were just AMAZING, they set this reading diary back about 10 chapters worth.

So Melissa Skippings is a vodka martini girl. Good for her.

Zemanta is recommending blog posts about Nutella Martinis. So they win the competition for drink discovery via books.

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