Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hey, Google! Move Blogspot to HTTPS now!

Since I've been supporting a Library Privacy Pledge to implement HTTPS, I've made an inventory of the services I use myself, to make sure that all the services I use will by HTTPS by the end of 2016. The main outlier: THIS BLOG!

This is odd, because Google, the owner of Blogger and Blogspot, has made noise about moving its services to HTTPS, marking HTTP pages as non-secure, and is even giving extra search engine weight to webpages that use HTTPS.

I'd like to nudge Google, now that it's remade its logo and everything, to get their act together on providing secure service for Blogger. So I set the "description" of my blog to "Move Blogspot to HTTPS NOW." If you have a blog on Blogspot, you can do the same. Go to your control panel and click settings. "description" is the second setting at the top. Depending on the design of your page, it will look like this:

So Google, if you want to avoid a devastating loss of traffic when I move Go-To-Hellman to another platform on January 1, 2017, you better get cracking. Consider yourself warned.

Update 10/26/2015. The merciless pressure from the Go-To-Hellman blog worked. Blogger now supports HTTPS.


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