Sunday, May 26, 2013

Four Corners of the Sky: Through Chapter 9

This is installment 2 of my Big Library Reading diary, covering chapters 5-9

We get a few answers, but Malone lays out a whole bunch more questions. In Chapter 7 we find out that Annie was NOT talking on her cell phone while driving 95, she was stopped at the side of the road. Well thanks, thats sets back some character development right there. You'd think the Porsche would come with a Bluetooth package.

Meanwhile, the pink cap and the aviator jacket turn out to have codes in them.  The baseball cap has a code written in it: 362484070N, and the jacket has another code in it: 678STNX211. I did not expect a girl-and-her-plane book to go all Neal Stephenson on me and get all into cryptographic keys. If that's what they are. Google is not our friend when it comes to these codes- don't bother trying. Swiss bank account numbers? Airplane tail numbers? Coordinates for a ship's wreckage? Robert Langden's phone number?

Also there's something that Jack wants in the plane.

The rubies and emeralds in the attic seem a bit far-fetched. Although when my cousin cleaned out my uncle's house after he passed away, he would routinely fine gold coins interlaced with the trash and junk, so I guess people are like that.

Speaking of dusty attics, the women around Jack seem to function as his memory- Annie has a photographic memory, and Sam saves everything like they're holy relics. This obviously means something deep. Yay librarians.

More clouds. Egyptian clouds from The Ten Commandments. And the threat of a twister, making me think of the devastation in Moore. A secret uncle named Jack who died at two. And I bet almost-ex Brad is going to show up like evil Jack in The Shining. There are  so many veggies in this soup, if Malone can keep this from going mushy, he's a great chef. In any case, it's getting quite interesting.

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